Lockdown Logs

The end of the world was approaching; but for a select few that was simply a challenge to become the best versions of themselves while they waited for the inevitable.

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Trim City

Karen performed her evening ablutions. The feel of the warm flannel pressed against her velour skin felt good and the hint of lavender sang in her airways helping her relax in readiness for bed. She applied a light moisturiser to her face and hands watching her mirror image observe her now familiar night-time ritual. KarenContinue reading “Trim City”

The Pandemic Menace

Josh was a grown up. He was 23 and could grow a beard. A proper one, not one of those wispy, wimpy excuses for a beard either – a proper beard, for a proper man. This was the topic of his musings at 11am on Saturday morning as he munched down his Coco Pops inContinue reading “The Pandemic Menace”


Nothing could have prepared Craig for the sight he was about to encounter in his living room. Over the past week or so, Craig had worried he was neglecting Emma. In truth his hands were tied because he was working from home but still, he loved the bones of Emma and knew she was strugglingContinue reading “Intervention”

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