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Lockdown Logs

The end of the world was approaching; but for a select few that was simply a challenge to become the best versions of themselves while they waited for the inevitable.

Latest from the Blog

The Rest is Silence

“Time to go!” The house was a hive of activity. The ten previous weeks with no structure or routine had made this morning feel slightly painful and Lynne was whisking her way round her home locating waters bottles, socks, sunscreen and hats like her life depended on it. Habit forming is an odd thing. IfContinue reading “The Rest is Silence”

A Close Shave

Paul shuddered looking morosely at his reflection. His sour disposition was locked in battle of wills with his nerve. The stubble HAD. TO. GO. That much was certain. He had endured the daily struggle with his very blunt razor but finally had to accede that it was no longer fit for purpose. Unfortunately, there wereContinue reading “A Close Shave”

Online Pub Quiz

Everybody’s been doing it and now there’s no possible way that Karen can avoid it, it shouldn’t take too long. Maybe an hour, hour and a half max. She’d just have to grin and bear it, get it over and done with, maybe if she does this one she won’t have to do it againContinue reading “Online Pub Quiz”

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